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Stop allowing your inner mean-girl to bully you 


begin living freely with inner authority

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10 Ways To Stop Anxiety In It's Tracks!


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I'm Heather

I empower spiritual women to increase their self-worth and self-compassion so that their inner mean girl doesn't run the show

I'm a chocolate-is-life kind of girl. A bookaholic that breaks out into random dance parties whenever the mood strikes, and if you ask me, I'll tell you all about my love of Halloween.

Through the four pillars of Mindfulness, Actions, Resilience, and Kindness, that is woven into the work we will do together, you'll deepen into your wellness journey to create an inspired, connected and meaningful life.

The retreat experience is a chance to connect in a heart-centered space where you can reflect, renew, and let go of what's holding you back. Enhance your well-being as you create a joyful connection with yourself and like-minded women and deepen into self-love, as you make the changes you desire.




You're a super kind person to everyone else,

but when it comes to's a completely different story.


Maybe you think that if you criticize yourself enough that you'll feel motivated to do ALLL the things you want to do but just can't seem to...GET IT DONE!


And what's really happening?

It actually undermines your self-confidence and creates a fear of failure!


It's time for a truth bomb:

compassionate people engage in healthier behaviors

oh heard me right!


All the things... like exercise, eating well, drinking less, and going to the doctor are compassionately motivated instead of allowing the voice of the inner mean girl to be in the driver's seat.

Self-Compassion creates an emotionally nurturing environment to create change.

So this means that you can keep your high personal standards AND be less afraid of failure.



Because you'll have the skills and resources to create balanced compassion.

With Balanced Compassion, you'll protect, provide and motivate yourself while soothing, comforting, and validating yourself at the same time.


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It made me realise how much we always want to change about ourselves, or something in our lives hoping for the fanfare of arriving at happiness. Heather made me think more about changing the way I think, which will help the way I feel. Acceptance isn't easy sometimes but with practice it will become better. Really enjoyed listening to Heather, she came over as very natural with the subject - JB

Working with Heather was a nourishing and helpful experience.  As a business owner and someone who tends to hold the space for others in my work — it was a treat to be held and supported and guided by Heather and her wisdom.  It isn’t easy for those of us who are of deep service in the world — to let go and let others lead in this fashion.  Heather not only led well — she has a strong and warm way of facilitating and witnessing as you move through your time with her.  I highly recommend you give yourself the gift of some time with Heather!  

~Angela Bixby, Founder of Energy Intuit

Heather is such a gift to this world. She is gentle, kind, compassionate, soft-spoken, patient, caring, and full of so much love to share with others. Her program helped me to take time for and care for myself. I've learned how tune in and listen to my inner voice, practice self-compassion, embrace imperfection, understand self-sabotage, true self-care, set intentions, and have the tools to handle my anxiety. I feel much calmer, clearer and more at peace after this experience working with Heather. As a great bonus, I also made a life-long friend! - Jen Vitak

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