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lovely friend, 

I'm so glad you're here.  


It takes a lot of courage to ask for help. I know because I've been there.


The girl who thinks she can do it all alone, but inside, you feel like you're falling apart.


You feel like a complete and utter failure.

Your inner mean girl screams at you, and you're confused about who to listen to.

It feels like you have a "good girl" on one side and the "mean" girl on the other, and all you REALLY want is some damn peace and to just be yourself. 

heather klemanski.png

Wanna know a secret? 

Both of those girls are you! 


They're fighting to be seen and heard because they want to help you.  

hard to believe...but check this out.. 

Yeah... I know

One side wants you to see, feel and process the pain you're feeling.


The other side is fighting fiercely to protect you from the pain.


It kind of feels like good vs. evil, doesn't it? It ends up feeling really confusing. 

HK Floral.png

I can help you 

Untangle their confusing messages

Here's why I believe I can help. 

I want to share my story with you because I intimately understand the pain of listening to my inner mean girl and desperately wanting to shut her down.


I understand feeling like you'll never find an answer after searching & searching, trying different teachers, practices, exercises, workshops, etc. You name it; I've probably heard of it, looked into it or even tried it.  All in the relentless pursuit to feel whole, at peace, and to quiet my inner mean girl. 

But, ready for a truthbomb?

None of it worked... 

... because I kept chasing an answer

instead of connecting with myself and what I really needed to heal. 

I suffered severe anxiety...

And I never told anyone about it.  

I thought I could handle it by myself.  You the strong girl that doesn’t need anyone.  But the truth was, I was barely surviving.  Sometimes, I would be driving home from work and feel like I couldn’t breathe or swallow and the panic would set in and I thought I was going to die!  It took everything I had not to drive the car off the road and it was only because I had learned breathing exercises that I knew how to calm myself down.  The breath literally became my lifeline and it’s why mindfulness and meditation mean so much to me. 


The anxiety and those moments where I felt like I couldn’t breathe were stemming from trauma I experienced when I was younger. Unprocessed traumas and super painful experiences shaped my whole belief system about who I was and who I was supposed to be. I felt trapped and that was the only way my body knew how to express feeling trapped.   I had so much to say, but I was terrified to let any of it out.   

You see, inside it didn't feel like me.

I felt like an imposter
On the outside...

...everyone thought I was “happy Heather”  in fact, when I was just 12 years old, I was literally called "happy Heather" because I wore a bright smile and I had a happy go-lucky attitude.


But on the inside...

... I ached to be seen, valued, and heard.  

I just didn’t know it.  

It felt so confusing.  

I felt so alone. 

... I finally slowed down and started practicing meditation, which allowed me to be aware of all of the self-sabotaging and painful thoughts and meet them with  kindness and self-compassion so that I FINALLY could start healing. My life changed completely.  

All of that changed when...

I learned how to meet the inner mean girl and the good girl that reside within me and listen closely to what each was trying to tell me.

The inner mean girl was trying to protect me from getting hurt and the good girl was trying to keep me safe from all the things I really wanted to do.  

Both were trying to do the same thing…PROTECT ME and  they were fighting each other.  

Mindfulness and meditation created a supportive foundation

Teaching me how to sit through the pain without trying to change it.  I learned how to be aware of what I was experiencing without connecting to it.  And it was self-compassion that helped me realize I wasn't alone. That while unique to me, there are many women in the world experiencing similar pain. I realized that I wasn't alone and learned that I deserved the same kindness and grace I give to those I love.  

I learned how to give myself that very love and attention that I deserve..the same love you deserve too. 


Work with Me?

I've struggled to find my own voice and to recognize my worth.

I've privately fought inner wars that nobody will ever know I was in.

And I came out the other side victorious.  


And so can you!  

Within you is the same courage, strength, and compassion to deepen self-love.  It begins with the first step.  

Awareness of wanting to change. 

I believe so passionately in  

the healing modalities
of mindfulness and self-compassion

That I've spent years training and cultivating my skills through various teaching and training programs because I had one core desire driving me.

I wanted to help other women who are struggling and fighting their inner battles to create a strong foundation of self-love, self-worth, and self-confidence 

HK Floral.png

The work I do is carried over from my own personal values of: 


The foundation of my programs are built with trust and a desire to help you reach your full purpose potential and to live the life you dream of Fill your life with more joy and play as you embrace games and laughter and take a deeper look within to develop awareness and your own inner guide that allows you to connect to yourself. 

My Certifications and Training

Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher 
Mindfulness Facilitator 
Workshops and Retreat Facilitator 
Laughter Yoga Teacher
Games Leader
heather klemanski mindfulness self compassion teacher.png
Life is meant to be lived freely and authentically.

My Mission

is to provide unique and empowering programs that embrace growth.


My Commitment

is to inspire joy, hope, and connection and honor the inner wisdom within each of us. 

Together we'll build that strong foundation as you create mindfulness, actions, resilience, and kindness for yourself that inspires a new way of life, centered around the life you know you're meant to live. 


Are you ready to...

Say Yes!

... to an inspired and connected life, filled with peace, love and understanding for yourself? 

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