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Mindful and Kindful Challenge

A 21-day journey starting June 18th where you commit to small acts of love in mindfulness and self-compassion each day. Explore simple yet impactful practices that can be easily integrated into your daily routine to create lasting change.

Build A Kinder Relationship with Yourself

Cultivate Mindfulness

 Discover the power of being present and in the moment, awakening your senses, and finding joy in the little things.

Build Self-Love

Create a deeper more loving relationship with yourself by honoring yourself with nourishing practices each day.

Nurture Self-Kindness:

Learn to embrace your imperfections, offer kindness to yourself, and develop a compassionate inner dialogue.

Foster Resilience

Develop inner strength and resilience to navigate life's challenges with grace and ease.

Daily Challenges

1 / Day 1: June 18th:  Mindful Nature Observation:

In today's practice, I encourage you to find a quiet spot in nature, whether it's a nearby park, your backyard, or even a potted plant on your windowsill.  Take a few moments to settle into the environment, allowing yourself to immerse in the beauty and serenity of nature fully.   Click Here For Day 1 Email

2 / Day 2: June 19th:  Random Acts of Kindness: 

Kindness is a language that transcends barriers and has the ability to touch hearts and uplift spirits. By intentionally performing acts of kindness, we not only spread joy and positivity but also cultivate a sense of connection and empathy within ourselves.  Click Here For Day 2 Email

3 / Day 3: June 20th Mindful Breathing:

These breaks offer a simple yet powerful tool to ground yourself in the present moment, reconnect with your breath, and invite a sense of calm and clarity into your lives.  Click Here For Day 3 Email

4 / Day 4: June 21st: Mindful Listening:

Offers you an opportunity to truly connect with others, to understand their perspectives, and to foster deeper empathy and compassion. Click Here For Day 4 Email

5 / Day 5: June 22nd: Creative Expression:

Engaging in creative activities allows you to explore your emotions, release you stress, and connect with our inner selves on a deeper level.  Click Here For Day 5 Email

6 / Day6: June 23rd: Self-Compassion Mantra:  

Take a moment to reflect on a self-compassion mantra that speaks to your heart. It could be something like "I am worthy of love and kindness," "I embrace my imperfections with compassion," or "I am enough just as I am." Choose a phrase that uplifts you, brings comfort, and reminds you of your inherent value.  Click Here For Day 6 Email

7 / Day 7: June 24th: Mindful Cleaning: 

Cleaning your physical spaces not only creates a tidier and more organized environment but also offers an opportunity to cultivate mindfulness and connect with the present moment.  Click Here for Day 7 Email

8 / Day 8: June 25th Mindful Eating:  

By practicing mindful eating, you can cultivate a deeper connection with your food, enhance your appreciation for nourishment, and bring awareness to your body's signals and needs.  Click Here for Day 8 Email

9 / Day 9: June 26th, Gratitude Walk: 

This is a beautiful way to slow down, immerse yourself in nature, and appreciate the abundance and beauty that surrounds us.  Click Here for Day 9 Email

10 / Day 10:  June 27th Mindful Digital Declutter:

This practice encourages you to declutter your digital spaces, organize files, and establish boundaries that support your well-being.  Click Here for Day 10 Email

11 / Day 11: June 28th: Mindful Sleep Routine

 A good night's sleep is essential for our overall well-being, and a mindful sleep preparation routine can help you unwind, let go of the day's stress, and cultivate a peaceful state of mind.   Click Here for Day 11 Email

12 /  Day 12: June 29th Beautiful Visualization: 

In this enlightening practice, we'll tap into the power of your imagination to cultivate feelings of peace and joy.

Click for Day 12 Email

13 / Day 13: June 30th Mindful Bath or Shower: 

Taking a mindful bath or shower allows us to reconnect with our senses, release tension, and nourish our bodies and minds.  Click for Day 13 Email

14 / Day 14: July 1st  Heartfelt Notes of Appreciation

  Today's practice is all about spreading love and kindness through heartfelt notes of appreciation.

Click for Day 14 Email

15 / Day 15: July 2nd

16 / Day 16: July 3rd

17 / Day 17: July 4th

18/ Day 18:  July 5th

19 / Day 19:  July 6th

20/ Day 20:  July 7th

21 / Day 21:  July 8th

I'm Heather

A little about me...

I'm an adventurous soul who finds joy in exploring new destinations, diving into captivating books, and I have an unapologetic obsession with all things chocolate!

But beyond my personal passions, I am a trained compassionate holistic mind-body facilitator. My mission is to provide unwavering support to women diagnosed with MRKH. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey, breaking free from the chains of self-criticism and nurturing a profound sense of self-compassion.

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