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This Free Workshop Begins in...

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Defy YourInner Mean Girl!
Build a Kinder Relationship with Yourself and
Cultivate Profound Self-Love and Acceptance on Your MRKH Journey
 Monday, July 10th
6:30-8:30 BST /1:30-3:30 PM EST 

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What You'll Learn And Do In This Workshop

This is the brave breakthrough you've been waiting for!

Hi!  I'm 


I'm an adventurous soul who finds joy in exploring new destinations, diving into captivating books, and I have an unapologetic obsession with all things chocolate!

But beyond my personal passions, I am a trained compassionate holistic mind-body facilitator. My mission is to provide unwavering support to women diagnosed with MRKH. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey, breaking free from the chains of self-criticism and nurturing a profound sense of self-compassion.

Join me as we create a safe and empowering space where you can discover the freedom you deserve. Let's embrace your unique story and unlock the remarkable potential that lies within when you honor your wants and needs and build a loving relationship with yourself. 


Stop your inner mean girl in her tracks as soon as she shows up
and speak to yourself with kindness and love.

Jen, DE

“ Heather is such a gift to this world. She is gentle, kind, compassionate, soft-spoken, patient, caring, and full of so much love to share with others. Her program helped me to take time for and care for myself. I've learned how tune in and listen to my inner voice, practice self-compassion, embrace imperfection, understand self-sabotage, true self-care, set intentions, and have the tools to handle my anxiety. I feel much calmer, clearer and more at peace after this experience working with Heather. As a great bonus, I also made a life-long friend!”
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Ready to defy your inner mean girl and cultivate a kinder relationship with yourself on your MRKH journey?

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